I’m a forty something, happily married mum of two teenage boys.  I work part time for an aromatherapy firm and find myself torn between cleaning and writing on my days off.  I have two miniature wire haired dachshunds.  My hobbies are reading, writing, cycling, walking, family and friends.  In an ever-changing world I am grateful to have a steady faith in God.

I hope to reach an audience of young readers who want to get lost in books but find reading hard work!

‘W.S’ is aimed at 9 + and while humorous, it covers two very topical and sensitive subjects; obesity and bullying.  Soon to be available on e-book.

‘It’s For Your Own Good’ is aimed at 9+.  This is a comedy thriller where three children try and escape an Island controlled by Health & Safety.  Now also available on e-book.

‘Bloodmix’ is out on e-book.  It’s a fantasy, adventure aimed at 9+.  Details and synopsis to follow soon.

I welcome your comments and feedback – both parents’ and children!

I am available to visit schools and youth groups and would enjoy sharing the ups and downs of writing.

I remain grateful to a friend Liz Jackson MBE from Great Guns Marketing:  a wonderful lady who inspired me to stop being a ‘nearly’ person!