I’m a forty something, happily married mum of two teenage boys.  I work for an aromatherapy firm and have one miniature wire haired dachshund.  My hobbies are reading, writing, cycling, walking, family and friends.  In an ever-changing world I am grateful to have a steady faith in God.

I hope to reach an audience of young readers who want to get lost in books but find reading hard work!

‘W.S’ is aimed at 9 + and while humorous, it covers two very topical and sensitive subjects; obesity and bullying.  Now also available on e-book.

‘It’s For Your Own Good’ is aimed at 9+.  This is a comedy thriller where three children try and escape an Island controlled by Health & Safety.  Now also available on e-book.

‘Bloodmix’ is out on e-book.  It’s a fantasy, adventure aimed at 9+.

‘In The Wrong Hands’ is coming out early 2017. Please enjoy the taster chapters.

I welcome your comments and feedback – both adults and children!

I am available to visit schools and youth groups and would enjoy sharing the ups and downs of writing.


10 thoughts on “ABOUT JANE CUFF

  1. Hi Jane
    Finally got round to looking at your website and have ordered the book -may have to catch you for a signing!!
    Well done you – I’m sure my girls will enjoy it and me ofcourse!

  2. hi jane
    i dont think you got my last message:(
    anyway you came to Romsey primary school earliar today
    and you told me that you wanted to see some reviews of your book W.S. you read the first chapter to us in assembley
    and it sounded amazing.
    you signed my book:) thanks!

    cant wait to read on

  3. Dear Jane,
    Catelyn brought me your book to read, and we read it together this afternoon, and laughed so much. What a great book for kids. Diane

    Hi Jane –Catelyn here! Grandma and I had a blast reading W.S (we finished it today). I never tire of reading it (this will be my third time around!!!) The “Hippo in hotpants” gets me every time (we had a good 3 min laugh on that one).

    Catelyn xx

  4. Wow Jane! I’ve just read the first 3 chapters of ‘It’s for your own good’… It’s FANTASTIC!!!

    Their life sounds absolutely dreadful… I’d hate to be watched by camera’s the whole day and night!

    I’d love to read on, there’s something about the DHS that I can’t quiet put my finger on….

    Can’t wait to read on!

    Amy x

  5. Jane,

    I am soooo excited for the release of “IT”S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD” !!!!

    Can’t wait! 🙂

    Catelyn x x

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